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DELTA Unternehmen

Flexible, innovative and always available for you!

In the year 2000, the DELTA Engineering & Chemistry GmbH was founded in Berlin and since then stands for quick decisions and tailor-made chemistry, innovative processes. We count on the thrust of our innovations, sustainability, personal contact to our customers and, thus, close customer relationship. With the motto „Working Together to Win“, the whole DELTA-Team cooperates to push the success of the company further. Lasting generation of values and profitable growth are in the foreground. A development, which we owe the committment of our employees, our distributors, suppliers and, of course, our customers.

Dr. Sarah Schmitz, Managing Director

The Partners at your Side

Dr. Sarah Schmitz

Dr. Sarah Schmitz

Dr. Johannes Noack

Dr. Johannes Drescher

Figures and Facts

Founding year

Focusses of the core business

Customers worldwide

Founding year


Managing Director

Dr. Sarah Schmitz

Core business

Special chemicals
(Fine, waste water chemicals, PVC immersion paints)

Contract laboratory
(plating industry, waste water analysis, corrosion protection)

(development of waste water processes, contract development)

Company Philosophy

Working with quality-, environment and safety in mind is on top of the list for the management and the employees of DELTA Engineering & Chemistry GmbH. Reliability, quality and flexibility generate the basis of trust, which our customers as well as we ourselves wish.

Therefeore, we see ourselves not only as company accepting an order, but as a partner of our customers. We strive for a cooperation with equal rights with the target to realise your wishes in a way, that the success is guaranteed for both sides. As partners, we are her for you for approx. 15 years with now over 12 employees: Competent, focussed, innovative and resilient.

This premise has been well-proven for a long-term customer relationship and in a constructive cooperation. The technology remains a means to an end, the engine for innovative solutions is in the creativity of our employees. Our declared target is to offer you flexible, up-to-date and economical solutions.

This demand is always in the foreground of our work: being a partner, living for tailor-made solutions in technology, environment & research. Innovation, thinking ahead.


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